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Everfit is a one-stop shop to get you moving and feeling better. Through the treatment of the Nervous System, we are able to provide show-stopping rehabilitation services.

We’re passionate about combining the most cutting-edge rehab therapy to meet your body's needs while educating you along the way. We know that the best results are achieved when individualized solutions are applied.

Simply put: we help our clients move and feel like the best version of themselves. 



Your Nervous System 




Neurological Rehabilitation Specialist

Luke learned the importance of health and exercise early on in life, which led him to pursue an education in human movement and physical activity. This soon evolved into a full-time career educating others about the importance and benefits of physical activity in relation to health and wellness.


After living through several car accidents that left him dealing with lower back pain that traditional physiotherapy could not resolve, Luke fell in love with neurological therapy, as a more complete and revolutionary approach to healing.


A born-and-raised Calgarian, Luke earned his Kinesiology degree from the University of Calgary before pursuing his post-graduate training in Neurological Rehabilitation under Jose Palomar and Carl Alexander in California. Today, he pairs his neurological understanding and practical rehabilitation skills with his personal training experience, for a holistic approach to help people reach their full potential.


Luke has a strong background in rehabilitation, viewing the body from the unique perspective of the nervous system. He enjoys working with a wide assortment of clients – from athletes looking to improve their performance and prevent injury, to clients dealing with acute or chronic injuries that haven’t found answers anywhere else, to people looking to simply improve their quality of life.

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