Pain and Injury Management

Taking Care of You

The nervous system controls everything to do with our body.

Dysfunctions in the nervous system often result in pain and movement issues.  

Through the treatment of the nervous system, these dysfunctions can be instantly and permanently corrected, reducing or eliminating pain and restoring movement.

Sports Therapy

Taking Care of Your Body

Injury, as a result of sport or otherwise, can cause muscles in the body to stop working properly. The wiring of the nervous system can get crossed or unplugged.

By treating the nervous system we can get these muscles firing again and get you way ahead on the road to recovery.

Let's get you back in the game.


Post Covid/Long Covid Treatment

Helping You Fully Recover​

Many people that get sick with Covid tend to have lasting effects. Some continue to feel fatigued, have frequent headaches, and generally feel off. This can be due to the trauma that the virus caused in several systems of the body. 

By testing the nervous system, the dysfunctions caused by Covid can be reset, leading to improved energy and overall wellbeing.  

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Concussion Management

Taking Care of Your Head

Trauma to the head can cause significant problems for the nervous system. Concussion symptoms are only some of these problems. The majority of concussion symptoms are a result of dysfunctional cranial nerves which cause headaches, sensitivity to light and sound, dizziness, confusion, nausea and ringing in the ears. 

By treating the nervous system directly, many issues can be cleared up in a much shorter timeframe and help prevent the likelihood of recurring issues.

Post Operative Therapy

Helping You Recover

Surgery is a substantial trauma to the body and the nervous system. Through treatment of the nervous system, both dysfunctions caused by this trauma and those that may have been present prior to the surgery can be cleared.

This can lead to a faster and more efficient recovery.

Dental Assistant

Emotional Therapy

Helping You Feel Balanced​

Even our emotions can be impacted by dysfunctions in the nervous system. This can be caused by significant events in our past, physical injury, or simply everyday stress.

Through a specialized approach to nervous system therapy, which focuses on your limbic system, these dysfunctions can be cleared resulting in an improved state of emotional wellbeing.  

Physical Therapy

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